The latin flavor gluten free from Venezuela to Cambridge


36 Hours in Cambridge, England

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We’d explored the 7-days-a-week Market Square previously, but all the street food vendors to choose from can be a bit overwhelming. Now we’ll always look for Arepa’s Station.

This street food stand on the Market Square serves up, as the name implies, Venezuelan arepas. Naturally gluten free, an arepa is a type of bread made from white cornmeal, water and salt.
The dough is formed in to a patty and then grilled. It’s then split open and stuffed with slow roasted meats and ingredients like a sandwich. Let’s just say the pulled beef with guasacaca sauce is amazing.

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Arepa’s Station gives you the taste of Venezuela in Cambridge. Venezuelans love corn bread and an arepa is a piece of corn bread that’s folded around a filling to make a sandwich or wrap. We fill our arepas with delicious fillings based on family recipes. The result is wonderful authentic Venezuelan food.

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